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Introducing OneMix Remix boilerplate by SaaS King. Loaded with awesome features and ready-to-use components to help you ship your SaaS quickly and start making money faster.

step by step

The Problem

Most people waste days, even weeks, on doing things like...

  • 4 hours on hero and navigation designing
  • 4 hours on authentication setup
  • 4 hours on database schema setup
  • 7 hours on subscription-based payment integration
  • 3 hours on emails
  • 2 hours on SEO tags
  • That's 24 hours already...with many more things to be done!

More than 20-50 hours can be wasted on such tasks!

Why bother when you can get all this done in minutes👇

The Solution

OneMix, The Best Remix SaaS Boilerplate

Landing page, authentication, database, payment integration, webhooks, email setup, SEO, UI components and more.


FUN FACT: This site is also made with OneMix!

Remix + Vite: Blazing-fast full-stack development with Remix, powered by Vite's lightning build speeds.
Tailwind CSS: Effortless styling for rapid UI development and seamless responsive design.
Supabase: The open-source Firebase alternative, providing a robust PostgreSQL database.
Stripe: Seamless online payments and subscriptions, with Stripe's reliable and secure payment infrastructure.
Resend: Streamlined email management, ensuring your messages reach their destination every time.


Hi, I'm Aditya

A software engineer during the day, an indie hacker during the night.

I started indie hacking in 2023 and sold my first project, IconMage, an AI icon generator in 2024. With the experience that I gained from my first project I decided to write The Micro SaaS Playbook. In this ebook, I guide a beginner through all the phases of micro-SaaS development from ideation to exit. It is currently rated at 5 stars.

I also share cool products, founder interviews and my tech opinions for makers around the world through my newsletter with 220+ subscribers. Aditya's Newsletter has been read by makers from 83 countries!

I realized most makers struggle with one common problem: they spend too much time in starting. Hours spent on mundane tasks like authentication and payment integration kill their motivation and most side projects never get launched.

I decided to solve this problem by creating the OneMix Remix SaaS boilerplate as part of the SaaS King platform.

How can OneMix by SaaS King help you?

  1. 1. Save time and focus on your business logic
  2. 2. Build products without struggling with setups and integrations
  3. 3. Make money quickly

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